See 5 planets together with the moon, today will see amazing sight in space

new Delhi: Although it is not possible to easily see distant planets in space, but today in the morning you are going to witness some such amazing astronomical views in space. Actually, you will be able to see the first 5 planets of the sunrise with the moon this morning without the help of any telescope. That is, no telescope or special glasses will be required for this. You will be able to easily see it with your eyes.

About 45 minutes before sunrise, you will be able to see this miracle of nature. During this time, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be able to see together. With this amazing astronomical view, you will also see the moon. When you see them, they will look like exceptionally shining stars.

According to astronomers, Mars will be seen shining in the southeast direction. Similarly Venus will be seen shining in the East-Northeast. Saturn and Jupiter will appear in the southwest direction. It can be a bit challenging to see Mercury. This is because it will be seen in a few degree intervals to the south of the moon. So it can be a little difficult to see with naked eyes.

Experts say that you can see this astronomical view every day before sunrise every day from Sunday to 25 July. After that you will have to wait till 2022 for this astronomical event again.

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