Second murder within 24 hours in Chopra

Chopra: The body of the main accused of the incident was recovered at the same place on the second day of the incident yesterday in Chopra in Uttar Dinajpur district, the tenth pass. At the same time, after the body of the main accused was recovered within 24 hours, the mystery of the incident of murder after the rape of the student is getting deeper. On Monday, another BJP delegation, including BJP state vice president Raju Banerjee, Cooch Behar MP Nishith Pramanik and Balurghat MP Sukant Majumdar, were going to Chopra to meet the family members of the victim. He was stopped at Islampur by citing. BJP leaders arrested the culprits and staged a sit-in in the party office demanding punishment for the punishment against the police on the way. It is worth mentioning that on Sunday, the body of Feroz Ali, a resident of Kaliagachh area of ​​Sonapur village panchayat, was mysteriously found in a reservoir mysteriously in the same place where the body of Class XI Mampi Singh was recovered in the Chatragachh area of ​​Chopra. One murder after another within 24 hours caused sensation in the entire area. Locals today protested against the killing of Feroze Ali by first blocking the road in Chaturagachh area and then in Bhaispita area. A large number of police arrived at Islampur police station and managed to control the situation. While coming to Islampur from Cooch Behar, MP Nishith Pramanik said that the Rajvanshi society is being brutally tortured politically. It is condemnable. He questioned the police administration and said that the murder case was being given a different shape. He said that the mystery of the mysterious death of the MLA of Uttar Dinajpur district has not been solved yet. The police is suppressing the truth. He demanded a CBI probe into the entire incident, and also accused the administration of acting at the behest of the ruling party. On the other hand BJP state vice president Raju Banerjee said that today he was going to Chopra with three MPs but the police stopped him on the way. He said that the police is showing inability to provide them security. The police believe that if those people go there then the law and order there may deteriorate. However, he warned that if a Trinamool leader reached that place, he too would not back down from going there. Balurghat MP Sukant Majumdar said that if his demands are not met within the next 7 days, the BJP will agitate throughout the state. He said that despite 24 hours of incident, the police could not catch the original accused and the body of the accused was recovered. He also questioned the role of the police, that some miscreants had taken tenth pass Mampi Singh out of the house and gang-raped and killed her and dumped her body in a roadside bush. Local buses had set fire to several buses yesterday, blocking the road against the incident. Furious also threw stones at the police. To control the situation, police fired tear gas shells and charged sticks.


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