Scientists reveal big, leaking methane gas in Antarctica; Will have such effect

new Delhi: Antarctica The process of unfortunate news coming from has not stopped. In this link, scientists have now detected Methane Gas Leakage in its sea level. No one has any idea why and how methane leaks have occurred in the surface of Antarctica. In fact, a large amount of methane is present in the sea surface of Antarctica, the leakage of which is being linked to the rising temperature of the oceans. This has been described by scientists as very worrisome. However, the leakage has been reported as Ross C. The spot was first discovered in 2011, then in 2016, scientists focused on the area for research and since then they have been monitoring the conditions there.

Critical researcher Andrew Thurber of this study said that only leakage is not worrying. There is something else to worry about. Actually the microbes found here are also describing the worsening situation here.

Usually, any such unexpected change is associated with climate change. The biggest reason for this is the emission of harmful gases and due to this the nature of oceans and marine life has been severely affected. Thurber considers this discovery to be a natural laboratory which will be of further use in further exploration. This leak is occurring just ahead of an active volcano, but they do not agree that it may have been caused by a leakage volcano.

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According to scientists, the sea level has increased due to the large amount of methane emissions. This will deteriorate the condition of the beaches in the coming times. In the absence of bacteria consuming gas here, in future the leakage of gas can also reach the atmosphere. In research, Thurber has also claimed that the microbes present there have also been affected. They estimate that the situation in Antarctica may worsen in the next 10 years. This is not the first time methane leak information has been received. Earlier in 2014, a similar leakage was detected in South Georgia, which was the first case of methane leakage in the Southern Ocean. The occurrence of such leakage is worrying because they are in different sea areas. Their impact on different living conditions can be felt there.

All the ongoing research in this area was stopped due to the Corona epidemic. If the corona virus continued to function, there was a danger of spreading the infection to remote areas.

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