SC cites ‘Vikas Dubey’, refuses bail to accused in 8 cases

new Delhi: After the case of Vikas Dubey with dozens of cases against the accused of the country’s judiciary Stand Has become tough. Supreme Court approves History Sheeter Vikas Dubey from granting bail to a vicious criminal Refuse done. Chief Justice Justice SA Bobde commented that a criminal (Vikas Dubey) with 64 criminal cases was released on bail. Everyone saw what happened after that. A person accused in 8 serious cases in the Supreme Court had applied for his bail. While hearing the case, the court did not grant him bail. The Supreme Court said that you are a dangerous man, you cannot be granted bail.

Chief Justice SSA Bobde said that there are dangers in releasing a person who has many criminal cases against him. Referring to the Vikas Dubey case, the Supreme Court said that a felony criminal with 64 criminal cases was released on bail. Everyone saw what happened after that. The court said that the UP government is also upset with the bail being given to the criminals. After this, the Supreme Court mentioned the rising crime in Uttar Pradesh that the state government is also tight with the bail being given to the criminals in Uttar Pradesh.

It is worth mentioning that Vikas Dubey was a gangster of Kanpur. When the police went to catch Vikas, he attacked the police with his colleagues. In this, 8 policemen were martyred. Then Vikas Dubey ran away from Kanpur and reached Faridabad and Madhya Pradesh. He was caught in the Mahakal temple. While coming to Kanpur, there was an accident on the way, after which he attacked the police and tried to escape. In this, Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter. Earlier, the police had encounters several development colleagues at different places. Who was involved in an attack on the police that night. The Supreme Court has set up a commission to investigate the martyrdom of policemen in Kanpur and the encounter case of Vikas Dubey. Who will inquire about the causes and circumstances of this incident.


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