SBI is sending mail to customers in Coronasal, this is the big reason

New Delhi The State Bank of India is warning its customers about the big deal by sending emails and letters continuously in the coronas. By sending this letter, the bank is warning its customers about any major fraud by informing them about Safe Banking. The letter gives detailed information about the methods adopted by fraudsters for cheating (Fraud).

Letter sent from here
Customers have been warned on behalf of Jaipur General Manager of State Bank of India on e-mail. A copy of this e-mail is also available with Eight points on e-mail have given customers ways to avoid possible fraud or fraud.

This is the full email

Dear Customer,
Please be careful!

Fraudsters can copy various institutions / organizations such as government agencies, religious trusts, foundations etc. related to Kovid-19. These fraudsters can send a message presenting themselves as officers / representatives of government revenue authorities or health care workers or health care groups / institutions in such a way as if they are a government, health care or any other lawful You seem to have come from an organization in which you are required / offered to receive any kind of donation / charity or payment in relief / care fund or foundation in the name of Kovid-19.
Do not download the unknown attachments received by SMS, email or social media / do not click the unknown links, these can steal your personal or financial / financial information. Apart from this, control / control over your mobile, laptop / desktop can also be achieved by them.

  • Do not share any information related to your account with anyone, especially with an unknown person.
  • Keep your PIN and password secret. Change the password related to the bank from time to time.
  • Do not give your account details / INB credentials ie Internet related information of your account / ATM card details etc. over phone, email, SMS or any link.
  • Our bank or any of our representatives never email / SMS or call to get personal information, password or one time password of customers.
  • Please always keep in mind that do not rely on the contact number and details available on Google search engine to get branch contact details. For this purpose only use our authorized SBI website.
  • You can also immediately inform the local police officers or the nearest SBI branch the details of such fraudulent proposals / incidents.

Thank you,
General manager
State Bank of India, Jaipur

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