Saved the lives of others but lost the battle of life from Corona itself, this young doctor of Delhi

new Delhi: After the arrival of coronavirus, doctors in India are working day and night regardless of their lives. Among the doctors working as corona warriors, there are many doctors who have become corona due to treating patients. There are some of these doctors, whose own life was lost while treating others.

The same happened with Dr. Joginder, who works at Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital in Delhi. Joginder, 27, was constantly treating Kovid-19 patients.

Been doing duty in corona ward (flu ward) for months and engaged in service of hundreds of people. Meanwhile, he himself became infected with Corona. He fought Corona for a full month, but eventually lost to him.

Admitted to ICU since one month
Resident doctor Joginder, working in Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital of Delhi Government, died on Sunday due to Corona virus. Dr. Joginder was admitted in the ICU for a month.

In the last week of June, Corona became infected with the corona while doing duty in the ward.

Joginder was first admitted to the Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi, also treated with plasma therapy here, but seeing some improvement in the situation, he was shifted to Gangaram Hospital at the behest of Joginder’s family.

Joginder was being treated here since July 5, but in the end, he became a martyr while fighting the Corona virus.

Joginder was a resident of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. His peasant father had put all his accumulated capital to make his son a doctor.

The family is in shock due to the sudden departure of Joginder playing laughs.

Only joined in November last year
Football enthusiast Joginder was an athlete. Everyone thought that he would recover in a few days and return to work, but this could not happen.

Not all hospital colleagues are even able to accept Joginder’s departure as true. Joginder’s brother said that the elder brother’s death has broken him. The family made Joginder a doctor by selling a big house in the village. Now only two and a half bighas of cultivated land is left for the maintenance of the family.

His engagement was also kept on Sunday, but he had been ill for a month. Joginder had joined the hospital since November last year.

Hospital administration waived treatment expenses
The nursing officer of Ambedkar Hospital said that when he used to talk to Joginder on the phone, he would soon return to work.

Friends told that Joginder was a very easy and simple person. From a small village, he had traveled to Delhi. The economic conditions were not very good due to being from a farmer family. The father completed his studies with a loan. He also became a doctor at the young age of 27 and was a topper.

At the time when Dr. Joginder died, his treatment was being done at Gangaram Hospital in Delhi. Due to worsening financial condition, the family of the deceased doctor was not able to pay the bill, after which the hospital administration has waived the entire bill for the treatment of the doctor.

Fellow doctors say that Joginder has given his sacrifice while performing his duty. There is a demand from the government of the doctors that they be declared Corona warriors and compensation to the families.

Dr. Joginder’s bill of more than three lakh rupees had arrived in Sir Gangaram Hospital. Due to poor financial condition, his family could not get treatment. In such a situation, the doctors of other hospitals collected a donation of 3 lakh rupees and helped in their treatment.

Let us know that so far 24 health workers have died of infection in various hospitals of the capital. Dr. Javed died three days ago. Before this, Dr. Asim Gupta, Senior Consultant and ICU Incharge at Loknayak Hospital, has been known by the corona.


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