Save the constitution, those who take out the march should know, the lockdown is imposed under the same – JDU

Patna: Bihar In the rate of corona infection is increasing. Meanwhile, praising the actions of the Nitish government, JDU spokesperson Anjum Ara said that it is the responsibility of the Bihar government to control the corona infection. However, the recovery rate here is more than 67 percent. Infection control is a big challenge for us

He said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is constantly taking appropriate steps after holding a review meeting. Some strict steps have to be taken in this episode, this is the prerogative of the government. Therefore, many officers were also transferred.

JDU leader Anjum Ara said that the opposition is in competition to spread corona among themselves. A few days ago programs were organized by RJD for beating the plate in which their senior leaders also got infected. Now Congress is making its move in this episode.

He said that Save the country, a Constitution Save March was organized on behalf of the Congress, in which the flag of social distancing was broken. Apart from the representatives of the Congress, all the people involved in it also violated the standard of lockdown.

Anjum Ara said that those who are taking out a march to save the constitution, they should know that the rule of lockdown is made under the same constitution and they are violating it, making mockery.

The JDU spokesperson said that the conduct of public representatives should affect the other, but the reverse behavior was shown here. The sections of the law have been severely violated by the people of Congress. There should be action on them.


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