Sanjay Dutt’s first wife wanted to see her husband with this heroine

new Delhi: Veteran actor Sanjay Dutt When he married Richa Sharma Dutt, he was 28 years old at that time. Richa Sharma was his first wife. After her daughter Trishala, Richa went to her father’s London for treatment of her cancer, then she never returned. Sanjay Dutt had become a superstar in those days. Richa had told in an interview that Sanjay Dutt has a childlike nature. Only a strong woman can handle them, and she took the name of a heroine who was very popular in those days and had worked in many films with Sanjay Dutt.

Who was that heroine?
Richa took the name of Madhuri Dixit. Richa had also heard the news of Sanjay and Madhuri Dixit’s affair and also said that if Madhuri does not support Sanjay, Sanjay will break badly. It is a different matter that Richa tried a lot to patch up with Sanjay Dutt after he returned after getting treatment for the disease in the nineties. But soon after that she again fell ill and had to go to London.

Sanjay Dutt became restless after reading Richa’s interview. At that time, the shooting of Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s superhit film ‘Saajan’ was about to begin. Before shooting, Sanjay Dutt apologized to Madhuri and said that he had no hand in publicizing such news.

Was this news true?
Neither Sanjay Dutt nor Madhuri ever admitted that there was an affair between them, but writer and journalist Yasir Usman, who did a long interview with Sanjay Dutt and wrote the book, said, ‘Sanjay Dutt’s mind I had a soft corner for Madhuri. Everyone saw in the shooting how I used to whisper behind Sanjay Madhuri in whispers.

When asked about his relationship with Madhuri in an interview, Sanjay Dutt said, ‘I respect him a lot. She looks dignified like her mother Nargis. I do not talk loosely about girls anyway. I never maligned those I had an affair with. I have had many girlfriends. I have never broken anyone’s heart. Whatever happened, became mutual.

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