Sanjana Sanghi gave a befitting reply to Kangana Ranaut, said this on applying #MeToo on Sushant

new Delhi: Since the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput Kangana Ranaut For the past few days, many people in the industry have been targeting. In this episode, he co-starred Sushant Singh Rajput’s ‘Dil Bechara’. Sanjana Sanghi But had also raised the question, why did he take so long to explain the #MeToo allegations against Sushant?

Kangana said that it was written in many articles that Sushant misbehaved with Sanjana. There were many such reports of exploitation in those days, but why did Sanjana explain about this for so long?

Now recently, Sanjana talked about this during an interview and said that ‘no one has the right to decide what is delayed and what is soon? I have already told more about what happened. At that time, when I spoke on this matter, the time was not late, nor did anyone have the right to decide whether it was late or not.

Sanjana further said, ‘Whatever was the case of mine and Sushant, you cannot speak of the Meitu case because Meitu was about those who had done bad things, but in our case neither Sushant did anything bad nor did I about them. Spoke bad Sanjana said that it is not necessary to give clarification for any rumor but I still told the truth about the matter.

Significantly, a few days after such news came, Sanjana gave clarification on this matter and Sushant also shared screenshots of the conversation between him and Sanjana. While talking about this, Sanjana said that it is wrong to put it in the category of Meetu movement, it was just a rumor which shows the power of unethical reporting.

Sanjana also told that I have been a student of journalism, I have studied from Delhi University and this is not the journalism that I had been studying, then I do not see it like the Meetu movement. I do not think that I have given any delay in clarifying on this, rather I have given the clarification only because it was necessary for both me and Sushant.

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