Russia rejects missile test charges in space, America inverted

Moscow: Russia has rejected claims by the US and Britain that it has tested anti-satellite weapons in space. With this, Russia said that these allegations prove that the US intends to deploy weapons in space itself.

US and UK officials claimed on Thursday that the July 15 anti-satellite weapon test indicated that Russia was trying to develop technology that would pose a threat to the assets of the US and its allies in space Can.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement denying the allegations, said that the July 15 test did not pose any threat to space and that it was done in compliance with international laws. The statement also said that Russia’s space activities and peaceful operations are being misinformed.

When asked about the US and UK allegations, Presidential Office spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia has always been in favor of demilitarization of space and not deploying any type of weapon.

Significantly, the US said that the US Space Command has evidence that Moscow had tested a space-based anti-satellite weapon on 15 July. After this, the US nuclear disarmament negotiator Marshall Billingslea tweeted that it is completely unacceptable. Russia’s test will be a major issue of discussion in Vienna next week, where they will discuss the New Start Treaty.

At the same time, Air Vice Marshal Harvey Smith, head of Britain’s Space Directorate, while reacting to Russia’s test, said, “Such steps are a threat to the peaceful use of space and risk of debris, which is a threat to those satellites and space.” Can damage the systems upon which the world depends. Therefore, we call upon Russia to refrain from any such test ‘.


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