Russia accused of testing anti-satellite weapons amid Corona crisis

Washington: In the midst of the CoronaVirus crisis, Russia has tested the Space Weapon weapon in space. The US and the UK have alleged that an anti-satellite weapon was tested in space by Russia earlier this month.

This is the first time the US has accused Moscow of testing such a weapon. The US says the US Space Command has evidence that Moscow tested a space-based anti-satellite weapon on 15 July. This test is another example that the threats to the space systems of the US and its allies are real, serious and are increasing.

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US nuclear disarmament negotiator Marshall Billingslea tweeted that this is completely unacceptable. Russia’s test will be a major issue of discussion in Vienna next week, where they will discuss the New Start Treaty. At the same time, on Thursday, President Donald Trump told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that he hoped that Russia would not join the arms race with China.

Reacting to Russia’s test, Air Vice Marshal Harvey Smith, head of Britain’s Space Directorate, said, “Such steps are a threat to the peaceful use of space and risk of debris that damages those satellites and space systems.” Can be delivered on which the world depends. Therefore, we call upon Russia to refrain from any such test ‘.

The US also accused Russia of carrying out anti-satellite missile tests in April. US Space Command chief General J Raymond said the same system was used for last week’s test, which the Space Command raised last year when it came close to the US government satellite. He further said that this is evidence that Russia is constantly making efforts to develop and test space-based systems. Which puts the space assets of the US and its allies at risk.

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