Ruckus over new ordinance in Jharkhand, BJP bid – government is trying to raise money through it

Ranchi: Jharkhand Politics has become aggressive on the ordinance issued by the government. If the Hemant government approved its pandemic act of the state from the cabinet, the BJP is encircling the government by calling it anti-state, anti-poor. BJP has used social media to attack the state government.

Attacking the government on the penalty of 1 lakh rupees and 2-2 years punishment for not wearing masks in Jharkhand, state president cum Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash said that the government is forcibly raising money in the name of masks on poor people is. Huge amount of money and punishment is not acceptable at any cost. The then government indulged in familism. Is disturbing the people of Jharkhand.

Corona is a serious disease that is taking the form of an epidemic, against the ordinance being brought by the Jharkhand government to protect against the epidemic where the BJP is completely aggressive.

At the same time, President of Jharkhand Pradesh Congress and State Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon said that where is written in the Act that a fine of one lakh will have to be paid for not wearing a mask. Under Disaster Management, the state government will not only corona and will also include epidemics and make laws.

The minister of Jharkhand government and the state president of the Congress have accused the BJP of just misleading them. Also said that the people of Jharkhand are understanding, this government is sensitive. Common people will not have any problem. The government is not doing any such thing.

The Jharkhand BJP is busy attacking the government on the pretext of an ordinance of the state government. If the attacker is an attacker, the JMM is also aggressive on the BJP. JMM General Secretary Supriyo Bhattacharya said that the BJP is only working to create confusion. At the same time, presenting the explanation, explained that it is a provision for maximum fine.

Like Ranchi Central Mall has opened mall without permission. Doing business against the rule of the government. Will they not be fined up to 1 lakh rupees?

The second example is given in Dhanbad. Told the news came from Dhanbad, a coal businessman was bringing a party from Delhi to the party. All the people of BJP are going to break the rules. So they are scared. His supporters work to defraud the administration on the strength of his money. This provision is for them only, in which a fine of 1 lakh rupees will be imposed and also a sentence of 2 years.

He said that a fine of 1 lakh rupees for not wearing a mask is the people who divide the society who do politics of such misleading illusions. We condemn them.


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