Richa Chadha’s short film shot this way amid lockdown

Mumbai: Some time ago the idea of ​​shooting on an iPhone was considered a unique thing. Under the influence of lockdown worldwide, it has become a great juggle for creative professionals who have shot short films and shows as a way of expressing their creativity. Aarti Kadav, known for her film ‘Cargo’, garnered some great reviews after screening of her film ‘Cargo’ in Mami last year, recently shooting a short film with several actors online, while All the people were locked in the house due to the lockdown. Aarti Richa Chadha Cast to play the lead role.

Actress Richa, known for experimenting, was excited to work with Aarti due to the unique script. Aarti Kadav is currently known as the only female director who has an inclination towards science and fiction, having produced a science fiction film 55 km / s. The title of the film itself gives an introduction about the subject of this film.

Talking about this, Aarti says, ‘We made this short film as a fun experience. It was a fun idea. My team and I saw it as a new way of working. I met some influential and brilliant people on my online set. We are happy that all of us have been able to come together from far away for such a thing, which was a beautiful, humble and unitary experience. ‘

Richa Chadha, who will be seen in the lead role, tells us, ‘Aarti is an engineer who has now become a film director. He has an interesting vision and has mastered the science fiction genre, as well as his stories portraying human relationships. I loved working with him and actor Mrinal Dutt. It was a challenging shoot, as we had to do everything from our own hair, makeup to recording sound, but the effort was a success. I am glad that we were able to create something exciting and beautiful even in these critical times.

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