RBI issued alert, cyber crimes are increasing in the coronary, one mistake can cause huge losses

New Delhi Recently, after the biggest cyber attack on social media site Twitter, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a big alert. The central bank has said that cyber crimes are increasing continuously in the coronary period. A small mistake can cause huge financial injury to any person.

It says RBI
The bank tweeted on social media that “@RBI says … Always keep your personal information safe. Beware of identity theft. Always follow safe banking rules.” Along with this, the bank has also shared a GIF.

What not to do
In GIF, RBI has said that cyber scams are continuously increasing. To avoid this, customers should not share their OTP, UPI PIN or bank details with anyone. The person who frauds with these details can create a virtual payment account (VPA) and withdraw money from the account.

Identity theft is happening to four people out of 10
Identity theft is happening with four persons in every 10 in the country. Compared to last year, this time only from March till now it has seen a lot of increase. According to a report released by Norton LifeLock last year, 63 percent of people do not know what to do if identity theft occurs.

At the same time, 79 percent of the people believe that they need more information about it.

What should you do
Always do transactions from trusted website while shopping online. Perform financial transactions on Secure Network only. Also, always check such devices which are not attached on the card reader or ATM. Along with this, always keep in mind the bank’s statement and credit report as well.

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