Ratlam: The agent arranged the wedding, the groom’s body was found the next day, the bride also escaped

Ratlam: A film case of false marriage has come to light in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. Two days after the wedding, the police are also in a tight situation as the groom’s body is found. At present, the police has started registering an FIR in the case. At the same time, the groom’s body has also been sent for post mortem.

Sub-inspector (SI) of Sailana police station in Ratlam district said that on 29 July, the body of a youth named Mahendra Kalal was found on the roadside on Banswara bypass road. The family has identified the dead body. According to the police, Kalal is a resident of Ghalakia in Rajasthan. For the past several years, he was working as an electrician in Kuwait.

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Police said that Kalal had come home for marriage for the last 7 months. After the lockdown, he started searching for the bride for his wedding. When the talk was not made through family, Mukesh, a marriage agent of village Ghalakia, arranged her marriage to Meenakshi Purohit, a resident of Dhar. After this, Meenakshi’s family reached Mahendra’s house on 26 July and got the family to marry on 27 July by paying a fixed amount of Rs 3 lakh.

According to the police, on the very next day, the bride’s family left for Dhar district with the groom Kalal. When Kalal’s phone switched-off a day later and the family of the groom was not even contacted, the family members lodged an FIR at the police station. Meanwhile, Kalal’s body was found in a T-shirt 100 km from home. Police is currently investigating the case. Soon the accused will be arrested.

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The groom’s brother, Narendra, accused the bride Meenakshi, her family members and the agent of false marriage, and described them as a gang of robbers. Narendra said that Meenakshi and her family have escaped from the house with cash of Rs 3 lakh and 12 tola gold contamination. At the same time, the groom’s family has falsely accused the groom’s family. The relatives of the bride said that they were looking for the groom himself.

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