‘Ramganj model’ to be implemented in Jodhpur, Health Minister Raghu Sharma issued instructions

Jaipur: New positive cases of Corona are increasing rapidly in Rajasthan, on whose control CM Ashok Gehlot took a review meeting on Wednesday.

Rajasthan Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said that in this meeting, special instructions have been given to the Collector, Police, Health Officers through VC.

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In fact, new cases of corona have increased rapidly in the month of July in Rajasthan, due to which the number of tests done daily is increasing. Currently, in Rajasthan, it is seen that only 10 percent of the patients with symptoms are coming out whereas 90 percent of the patients are not having symptoms. In this case, more and more corona is being investigated in Rajasthan to identify patients without symptoms.

Rajasthan is in a better condition in the ten major states of the country where Corona is spread. This is the biggest relief for the state. At present, the focus of the state government is to reduce the death rate, which is currently 1.87 percent. Plasma therapy was started in Rajasthan to save the lives of very serious patients, which has been completely successful.

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The state government intends to control Kovid that plasma therapy should be introduced in the coming days to save the lives of very serious patients in more and more states. Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said that wherever the number of positive cases is increasing in the state, the scope of investigation will be increased through random and cluster sampling. It will first be started from Jodhpur.

The Health Minister said that the Divisional Commissioner and District Collector of Jodhpur are Corona positive, so any other officer will be sent to Jodhpur. He said that the random sampling method used in the Ramganj model will be adopted to identify positives in Jodhpur City. The ratio of positive to negative in the state is the best among the 10 big states of the country and the death rate in the state is also less than the national average. He said that the death rate in the state has gone from 2.34% to 1.38%.


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