Raju Bisht met Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Today, BJP MP from Darjeeling parliamentary constituency Raju Bisht met Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi and went on behalf of the people of Darjeeling mountains, Terai and Doors to embark on the Rafale aircraft and Galvan Valley to encourage soldiers and their aggressive nationalist image. congratulated. Along with this, Raju Bisht drew the attention of Rajnath Singh on the mountain, Indian Gorkha community and other issues.

MP Raju Bisht also kept in mind the defense situation of Gorkha Military College in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He said that today Gorkha Military College has reached a bad condition. This college, which is in debt of 1.59 crores, is now counting its last breath. While this college has been of great importance. The spark of freedom struggle had arisen from this college itself. Many freedom fighters came from this college. Raju Bisht said that to save this college, it is very important to arrange additional funds. He urged the Defense Minister to somehow give new life to this college. He said that the college land should be handed over to the college at the old lease rate, only then this college will be able to stand.

He said that a letter has also been written to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand in this regard and requested him that all the facts related to the college be presented to the Union Minister. Rajnath Singh assured MP Raju Bisht that he would do as much as possible in this regard. After this, Raju Bisht presented many problems of Darjeeling mountainous area to the Union Minister. He said that a military school is required in Darjeeling at this time. In this regard, the government of West Bengal is stuck with obstacles. He said that a memorandum was given to the Government of West Bengal regarding Sainik School, but the government did not think it necessary to sign the memorandum.

Rajnath Singh assured Raju Bisht that he would personally look into the matter and talk to the state government if needed. Raju Bisht also talked about the record of land in Sukna region before the Defense Minister. He said that civil and military people have been living in this area for years. But they do not have any proper paper or record of the land. In the absence of this, they are taking breath in the confusion. The Defense Minister told Raju Bisht that a delegation of allies should also be included to understand the problems of Darjeeling, Doors and Terai regions deeply. Appropriate steps can be taken only after considering them. He said that the delegations of BJP and allies can meet him. Only after talking to them will the problem be resolved.

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Raju Bisht met Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Raju Bisht met Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

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