Rajeev Sen, brother of Sushmita Sen will be seen in this film, revealed this about the debut

new Delhi: Brother of Sushmita Sen Rajeev Sen Upcoming film ‘Iti: Can You Solve Your On Murder?’ Is all set for his Bollywood debut. Directed by Vishal Mishra, the film stars Vivek Anand Oberoi, who is also making his debut as a producer. Regarding the film, Rajiv shared how he is preparing for the role.

He said, ‘I want the audience not only to see my performance, but also to feel and experience my role through me. I am fortunate to have Vishal (Mishra) sir as my director, who is directing me very well during the preparation.

Rajiv told about his role of Rohit Vardhan in the film, “I have seen ‘Primal Fear’, which I liked very much. It gave me a lot of ideas for my upcoming role. I am also watching ‘Deewangi’ of Ajay Devgan. His way of transforming himself from a soft-spoken person to a dark character in climax was brilliant. The film helped me understand my character deeply.

He said that his sister has been an inspiration for him.

Rajiv said, “My sister’s advice has always been simple but effective. She has asked me to focus on my goals, work on my craft and challenge myself.”

This film has been written by Gratitude Dadhich with director Vishal Mishra. It has been produced by Vivek Oberoi, Girish Johar, Kusum Arora, Rishabh D Sarraf, Keur Pandya and Sanjeet S Yermal.


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