Railway is preparing world’s first such special tunnel, these things will be easy

Sohna, Haryana: The Dream Project Dedicated Freight Corridor Kovid (COVID 19) of the country’s largest railway (Railways) is rapidly completing despite the epidemic. In the first phase, 2 corridors are being built Eastern Corridor and Western Corridor. In both these corridors, 500 km of the railway has already been laid on which the Goods train has started running, while the 500 km track is going to be ready by next month.

World’s first electrified rail tunnel
According to the engineers of the dedicated freight of the railway, making the tunnel in terms of double rake between the Aravalli hills was a big challenge but it has been prepared within a year. According to AK Sachan, CMD of the Railway’s Dedicated Freight Corridor, it will be the world’s first electrified rail tunnel suitable for the operation of double stack containers. This record work of the tunnel has been completed in less than one year. Work on this site started in 2019.

Highest OHE for Easy Traffic
Geologically, the tunnel is safe and stable as it passes through 2500–500 million years old Proterozoic rocks, mainly quartzite, schist and slates of the Alwar / Ajabgarh clusters of Delhi Supergroup Rocks, which have high carrying capacity. Through this tunnel, freight trains with double stack container and 25 tonne axle load will pass at a speed of 100 km per hour.

The tunnel connects Mewat and Gurugram districts of Haryana and crosses a strong slope on the sloping and flat slopes of the Aravalli Range. This D-shaped tunnel has a 150-square-meter hybrid sectional area to facilitate double line with the highest OHE (over head equipment) for easy movement of double stack containers over WDFC.

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It is one of the largest tunnels in India by hybrid sectional area. One vein of the tunnel is near Rewari which is called Portal-1 or West Portal while the other vein of the tunnel is in Dadri in which Portal-2 or East Portal is named.

The dimensions of the tunnel along the double line electrified track for double steak train movement are 14.5 meters and 10.5 meters high in direct portions, 15 meters wide and 12.5 meters high to give additional clearance.

According to the general manager of the railway’s dedicated freight corridor, Operation Ved Prakash, a total of 6 tunnels have been built in the Eastern and Western Corridors.

The speed of passenger trains will also increase
The purpose of this is that the movement of goods trains can be fast on both corridors. This is a big and ambitious project of the country, which will not only have the effect and benefit of the completion on freight, but also increase the speed of passenger trains.

There are a total of six tunnels in both the Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors. The WDFC has 1 kilometer long Sohna Tunnel, 320 meter long Vasai Detur North Tunnel and 430 meter long Vasai Detur South Tunnel.

Similarly, the EDFC also has 3 tunnels of 150 meters, 475 meters and 300 meters in Sonnagar Gomoh division.

In the midst of the Bhajan Khurja cold of the Eastern Corridor and the Madar Rewari section of the Western Corridor, the Railways are already running more than 16 Goods trains. According to railway officials, by the end of the year 2022, both major corridors of the country will be completed.

According to the officials of Dedicated Freight Corridor, now both passenger trains and freight trains run on the same track, but with the preparation of both corridors, all the freight trains will shift from the normal network of railways to DFC so that not only more passenger trains can be run but The speed of passenger trains will also increase on the normal track. At the same time, freight trains on the dedicated freight corridor will also supply goods rapidly without interruption, so that the goods of traders will also reach on time across the country, hence where is this corridor going to be the life of the country’s economy.

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