Rafal increases China’s restlessness, Pakistan gets scared, both are giving reverse statements to reduce pressure

Beijing / Islamabad: While China (China) is restless due to the inclusion of fighter aircraft Rafale in the Indian Air Force fleet, Pakistan is terrified. Both are giving opposite statements to remove this anxiety and nervousness.

India has received five Rafale aircraft under defense deal from France. With the arrival of these aircraft, the strength of the Indian Air Force has increased tremendously. Former Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa says that Rafal is a game changer and China’s J-20 fighter plane does not stay around it either. China itself understands this, and in this restlessness, such a statement is being made on its behalf, which has no basis.

Chinese experts say that the Rafale is only a third-plus generation fighter aircraft and it cannot compete with the fourth generation J-20. The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times quoted military expert Zhang Xuefeng as saying that in some combat demonstration areas, the Rafale is superior to the Indian Air Force’s Su-30 MKI, but is only a third-plus generation fighter and therefore no more Does not create big changes’.

At the same time, Pakistan is badly scared of the Rafale planes that reached India. To overcome his fear, he is talking about an arms race in Asia. On behalf of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, it has been said that India is collecting more weapons than its defense needs, this step can start the arms race in South Asia. Not only this, Pakistan has also appealed to stop India from accumulating arms globally.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ayesha Farooqui said during a press briefing, “It is very disturbing that India is accumulating more military equipment than it needs.” By doing so, it is severely affecting strategic stability in South Asia. Pakistan raising more weapons than capacity is not a good sign for Pakistan. The international community should focus on this’.

Now let us tell you what is the reason behind China’s restlessness and fear of Pakistan. Actually, the Rafale is a fighter with many merits. It is equipped with Meteor and Scalp missiles that have the capability to hit the ground from the air. Rafal’s range of scalp is about 300 km. Rafal’s radars flying at a speed of 2,223 km per hour can detect 40 targets at a time within 100 km, allowing the Indian Air Force to see them without the enemy aircraft being detected. The specialty of detecting 40 targets simultaneously makes this fighter jet different from others.


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