Prince Harry files a unique case to protect son’s rights, know the whole case

new Delhi: Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle on Thursday filed a case in California court against paparazzi photographers who, according to them, illegally took pictures of son Archie Were pulling

The lawsuit has been filed in the California State High Court of Los Angeles County, stating that the 14-month-old son of this royal couple is constantly being infiltrated into his personal life and in a way ‘promotes artificial hysteria’ It has been filed as a defense to stop giving.

Counsel for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a statement saying, ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are trying to curb the illegal intruders in their house, and curb those who are looking to make money through these illegal acts. We want to protect our young son’s right to privacy through this lawsuit.

It has also been alleged in the case that drones and helicopters also enter private airspace above the couple’s house. This law suit states that the couple does not want any ‘special treatment’, only according to California law seeking a guarantee to leave privacy alone in their home.

Let me tell you that in June, Megan also sought an order from the court to ban the publication of witnesses against a UK tabloid publisher who can testify in a legal dispute of their right to privacy in their court.

After departing from their royal roles in late March, Harry and Megan have started living in California to pursue a new career. Angered by the media’s excessive interference and coverage in their personal lives, both of them left Britain.

In April, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had told all the big tabloids of Britain, including the Sun and Daily Mail, that their false and aggressive coverage would keep their relationship with these newspapers in the future.

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