Preparing to hurt China deeply, Modi government is going to do this work on import

new Delhi: India-China border But in the midst of continuing conflict, the government is constantly taking such steps to break China’s back on economic fronts. Not only this, with these decisions of the government, India is moving rapidly towards self-sufficiency. In this series, the Modi government is going to take strict steps to reduce imports from China soon.

If sources are to be believed, under the government’s strategy, there is a readiness to take strict action against entry into India of China similar to not one but two paths. The government will ban the same as China through ‘quality control’.

Sources say that the BIS, which is under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, is preparing a long list of goods imported from China. After this, there is a preparation to tighten their standards so that China cannot sell goods of poor quality to India.

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It is being told that all the Ministries have submitted the list of similar imported from China to BIS on their behalf and now the Bureau is going to make the road difficult for China by tightening the standards of these products. By March 2021, standards will be set for all goods imported from China.

Through this action, the Indian government wants to end India’s dependence on China for raw materials and other goods. This step of the government will greatly benefit the small and medium businessmen of the country and China can be taught a lesson on the economic front.

With this, the government has a close watch on 7 major ports of the country. The BIS officials, along with the custom officers, are monitoring the imported goods from China at 7 major ports. Action is being taken on non-authorized or non-standard goods.


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