Preparations to pull US military into Iranian court, Iranian passengers injured due to fighter jet

new Delhi: Iranian judiciary said on Saturday that Iran (IranGreat Airlines ())Mahan air) Flight passengers injured can sue the US military against Iranian military for damages. Earlier Tehran said that the airline was harassed by American Fighter Jet over Syria this week.

According to Iranian media, on Thursday, when a flight of Mahan Airlines was flying from Tehran to Beirut, the US fighter jet (US Fighter Jet) To save the collision, the pilot abruptly changed the route of the plane, due to which many travel in the flight were injured.

Here, the US military has said that their fighter jet F-15 was at a safe distance from the Iranian aircraft, they had come to do ‘visual inspection’ near the plane as the plane took off just next to the US military base Tanf Garisen in Syria. Was

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According to the ILNA News Agency, Ali Bakheri-Kani, president of the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Office, has said, “Iranians of the Great Air Flight-115, non-Iranian passenger terror US military, its commanders, convicted officers, supervisors or under them Can be sued in Iranian courts against the authorities either morally or for compensation ‘.

He also said that travelers can also adopt international legal route for this, for this, they can also go to International Civil Aviation Organization, UN agency to look into international civil aviation agreements. However, it is not clear yet whether a yatra is going against the US in the Iranian court. But Iran has definitely complained to America in ICAO.

This incident is the latest in a tense relationship between Iran and America. This tension has escalated ever since Trump withdrew the US from nuclear deal with Iran’s 6 nuclear power countries in 2018 and again imposed economic sanctions on Iran, causing the Iranian economy to deteriorate. is. In the footage aired inside the airliner by Iranian State TV, one passenger is seen lying motionless on the floor, while another’s forehead and nose are injured.


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