Preparations for Maharali in Canada against China’s atrocities, people from these countries will be involved

Vancouver: China Protests against the expansionist policies of the world are increasing. After america now Canada People are also preparing for a big rally against China. The rally, to be held outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, will be attended by disgruntled exiles from China, Canadian citizens of Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, India and the Philippines. In this rally, the atrocities of China being carried out on Hong Kong, Tibet and East Turkistan will be condemned. At the same time, China’s aggression towards other neighboring countries, including India and the Philippines, will also be opposed. The issue of the release of Michael Corvig and Michael Powers, two Canadian citizens detained in China in December 2018, will also be raised at this rally. China has taken these two into custody on charges of espionage.

A member of the Vancouver Uygar Association said that China should respect the fundamental human rights of one lakh Uygar Muslims taken in detention. Those who have been kept in concentration camps by the Communist Party falsely propagating being terrorists. He said that this will be the first multinational multi-ethnic rally in Canada against the oppression of the Chinese Communist Party. A member of the Indo-Canadian community preparing for the rally said, “We pay tribute to the 20 Indian soldiers who died in the treacherous attack by Chinese soldiers in the inaccessible mountains of Ladakh.”

The people of Canada are also very angry against the recently passed new National Security Act in China. This law severely destroys Hong Kong’s autonomy under the ‘One Country to Systems’ principle. People also consider China’s unilateral claim in the South China Sea as false and demand free navigation in the region. Along with this, people are also calling artificial islands being created by China in the sea areas of Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan as a big threat to the sovereignty of these countries.

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The rally will be jointly hosted by Canada Tibet Committee and Tibetan Community, Friends of Canada India Organization, Global Pinoy Diaspora Canada, Vancouver Society of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for China, Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM) and Vancouver Uygar Association. . All these institutions will raise their voice against the oppression of China being done in Tibet. At the same time, they will demand from the Government of Canada that they, together with other democratic countries, stand against the encroachment of China and launch a campaign to free two prisoners imprisoned in Chinese jails.


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