PM Modi’s strong influence – China not pushed back, pushed

The Chinese army retreated from Galvan. Actually, China has not retreated but has been pushed back. This has happened because the world has seen a glimpse of the strong power of a united nation under a charismatic leadership.

It is not an easy task to subdue China with expansionary intentions, but it has also been proved that accurate strategy and action can give favorable results.

In fact, looking at the past, the Chinese were realizing that India’s stance would be ‘soft’ this time too, but within a few days they came to know that they are facing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new India. PM Modi made it clear in words that this is an India that embraces its friends and talks to the opponents eye to eye.

Prime Minister Modi has pushed China back by taking concrete strategic steps from the military, economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s view of China was clear from day one that there would be no discussion on the issue of sovereignty of India.

The entire machinery played a role in this diplomacy from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to the NSA. A network of Indian embassies and overseas Indians was activated to illustrate India’s vision. As a result, many US Congress leaders and senators such as Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Eliot Angel, Ami Berra have voiced their opposition to China’s actions.

How India brought China to its knees after the Galvan victory, this strategy can be understood through the following points.

Under which strategy did China understand India’s strength

PM Modi’s Leh Yatra served as the last nail in the coffin. The visit sent a message to the world that India is fully prepared to fight any challenge for its strategic interests. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech encouraged the army personnel. There he gave a clear message that the era of expansionist powers has now passed.

Even before this, people saw how PM Modi showed patience and strength on the Doklam issue. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept his view firmly on the matter of talks on ‘One Belt, One Road Initiative’. During that time when other nations were sending high level representatives for talks, India did not think it appropriate to send any representatives.

The formula to make the economy self-sufficient

The announcement of PM Modi’s self-reliant India campaign received a major financial blow to China. He said that India not only has the strength and skills to be self-sufficient, but also to meet global demands. As a result, China is under severe economic pressure at this time. Big Chinese companies are now appealing to the Chinese government to find a viable solution to India, so that the economic interests of Chinese companies are not hurt.

Chinese companies showed India’s strength

China has suffered a setback due to the ban of 59 Chinese apps in India. With this decision, these apps and Chinese companies will lose about US $ 50 billion. However, this figure may be even larger. It will not be easy for Chinese tech companies to make a place for themselves in the Indian market.

The effect of this was that Mike Pompeo, the foreign minister of the Trump government in the US, made such statements which are not in the interest of the Chinese company Huawei.

With this, New India showed that it can hurt the enemy in a place where the most damage is done. Whether it is a map or an app, India will push everyone back, who will try to take advantage of its liberal attitude.

(The author is Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Zee News, WION & Zee Business)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author)


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