People’s Liberation Army or party leaning partner?

Recently, the skirmish between India-China soldiers in East Ladakh has been discussed worldwide. People are discussing the beliefs, analysis and hidden implications related to many aspects of it. Under this comes from the sensible class of media to the exaggerated beliefs of the official Chinese media. However, there are many inflows in the Galvan Valley incident. They can have a strategic impact in the long run, but one aspect that is constantly being ignored is the method adopted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the attack.

India described this incident of Galvan Valley as planned. Although the CCP is still hiding the number of Chinese soldiers killed in the skirmish and their identities, etc. Indian PM Modi has also visited Ladakh to meet the soldiers at the border. No honorable army believes in hiding the sacrifices of its soldiers. But telling the number of casualties to the People’s Liberation Army also has to worry about the impact on the political future of the Chinese Communist Party.

CPP misconceptions about Indian Army
It is dishonest to carry out such planned violent skirmish despite the agreement to send back the forces. On June 6, it was decided in a conversation between the military commanders of India and China that the two armies would retreat. And it seems that such activities become a part of their standard procedure to promote the expansionist agenda of the CCP. Have been In South Chine Sea too, the CCP is insisting on adopting similar tactics to make its claims due to disturbances in the maritime boundary. Clearly, the CCP believes that it will achieve its expansionist goals, with its unilateral interpretation of history and its own facilitation, provoking antics under its one-sided agenda Propaganda. However, this time both the CCP and the PLA did this by provoking some misconceptions about the professional and experienced Indian army of all the wars.

Despite that the Indian Army also suffered, but this is the first time after decades that the Chinese army has also had to see the death of its soldiers. For small gains, China seems to have lost India forever and the relationship between the two has gone back decades. The PLA of the CCP does not fit anywhere in that ‘professional’ framework, which should be common qualities in the professional army of a modern sovereign country. Even these three words in his name i.e. ‘People’, ‘Liberation’ and ‘Army’ do not appear to be associated with it from anywhere, but seem contradictory among themselves.

PLA has never been involved in the work of ‘Liberation’
It seems like it is representing the wishes of the CCP, not the Chinese citizens. The People’s Liberation Army has never been involved in the act of ‘Liberation’, but rather it was imposed in the genocide of Uygar Muslims in this Xinjiang province and Tibetans in Tibet, accusations of their opponents and the locals who fled from there Planted. The PLA’s conduct in all conflicts, including the Galvan Valley incident, has not been like a modern army in the last several years. Instead, the PLA ruling party seems to have a conspiratorial secret party in uniform, designed only to serve their interests.

In order to fulfill the expansion plans of the CCP, the PLA has been largely dependent on bastardism, dirty propaganda, lying and abetting acts. Despite spreading propaganda through the media, recent ground and maritime conflicts have exposed the PLA’s unprofessional attitude, character and strategic deficiencies. The PLA’s unprofessional attitude became a topic of discussion around the world through a 2016 incident in South Sudan. The PLA soldiers guarding a camp in the United Nations had fled, leaving their weapons and equipment at a time when they were attacked by armed fighters from South Sudan. The result of this was that all the women activists working in that UN mission had to face their disgrace and many civilians had to die. This incident had also put a big blemish on the image of UN peacekeeping forces.

In these struggles, the PLA barely survived its honor
In the conflicts in the Korean Peninsula, Russia and Vietnam, the PLA had barely survived its honor. Due to the lack of maturity at the operational and strategic level, which comes from the experience of the wars, the PLA takes a combative stance in policy issues. It is certain that the PLA’s inexperience in wars makes it dangerous for its neighbors. To overcome its lack of experience and professionalism, the PLA used non-traditional and unsystematic warfare methods and weapons, as it did in the Galvan Valley.

The PLA relies heavily on the propaganda of the Global Times and V Chat to create a false image of itself as the world’s most professional army. Political interference in the PLA is also very high. The Chairman of the Military Commission is also the leader of the CCP. All major decisions of the PLA are taken by the Committees of the Chinese Communist Party, in which the dominance is not of trained military officers, but of political leanings

Belongs to military officers. The CCP has no anti-politics, it has complete control over the PLA. This is not the case in a mature democratic country, India, where armies are kept away from political interference. All the career officers of the PLA are also members of the CCP, and even the chairman of a local department has a strong position from military commander. For the benefit of all, a system has been made to hold military officers and CCP leaders together.

PLA professional not fighting army
While joining a Chinese soldier swears allegiance to the PLA, not to the Constitution of China. Recently, an article of PLA General Political Department was published in PLA Daily, in this article it was written that Army personnel should increase their vigilance while promoting or placement. The General Public Department, which is responsible for disciplinary matters and the Human Resources Department, wrote that Army officers should be reviewed on the basis of ‘how much they followed Xi Jinping’s instructions’,’ their stand on big issues of principles What was it and how was his attitude towards wealth and fame.

These are sufficient evidence to prove that the PLA is not a professional fighting force. Instead, the PLA should understand that it is the ‘armed wing of the CCP’. To give this title to the PLA includes many incidents of history and in recent years its antics have confirmed this belief.

By understanding this nature of the PLA, its angry neighbors will be able to formulate a successful strategy against the aggressive and provoking antics of the CCP on land and sea. Now the PLA or ally who is leaning towards the party should change his name to the Army of the CCP, Navy of the CCP and Air Force of the CCP according to his true mood.


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