Pakistan’s freedom of expression open, journalist’s abduction raises many questions

Islamabad: Senior journalist Matiullah Jan, who was abducted from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, has returned to safety after 12 hours, but this incident has raised many questions on the Imran Khan government.

Article 19 of the constitution of Pakistan gives freedom of speech and expression to the people. It also guarantees freedom of the press with some restrictions, but none of them are being implemented. Neither the common man nor the journalist can open his tongue under Imran Khan’s rule. The whole government machinery unites against whoever does this.

Matiullah Jaan is the latest example of this, who was kidnapped in broad daylight on 21 July. The entire kidnapping incident was captured in a CCTV, due to which people came to know about it and pressure could be put on the government to release Matiullah. People questioned the weak law and order situation of Islamabad on social media and compared the Pakistani establishment to the terrorist group.

Actually, journalist John had to appear in the top court of Pakistan. It is believed that he could say something in support of Judge Faiz Isa, who is facing charges of failing to disclose his assets. Since Jan was likely to speak in favor of the judge, it did not take long for people to understand that the Pakistan Army was behind this whole kidnapping scandal. After this, tremendous pressure was put on the Pakistani government for the release of the journalist.

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The pressure increased so much that after 12 hours the kidnappers had to free journalist Matiullah Jan. Jan has given information about his release by tweeting. In the last one year, attacks on journalists and press have increased in Pakistan. The Pakistani government and the military are preventing the media from doing its job. Under this, a major newspaper was harassed. Many news channels were off-air to provide a platform to opposition leaders. In a short time, four journalists and bloggers have been killed here and their killers are still free.


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