Pakistan shocked after Rafal joined the Air Force, gave this reaction

Islamabad: Pakistan said on Thursday that it has seen the news that India has bought Rafale fighter jets from France, which can be improved and equipped with nuclear weapons.

India received its first consignment of five Rafale aircraft on Wednesday, almost four years after it signed a deal for 36 Rafale aircraft with French company The Salt Aviation. The Indian Air Force received the Sukhoi-30 KS purchased from Russia in 1997, nearly 23 years ago.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Wednesday that with the Rafale planes, the Indian Air Force has become stronger to deal with any security challenge facing India, as well as those who intend to harm the sovereignty of the country. Fear should be instilled in them with this new force.

Pakistan’s State Department spokesperson Ayesha Farooqui said in her weekly press conference, “We have seen news related to the Rafale aircraft recently received by the Indian Air Force.”

He said, “It is a matter of trouble that India continues to gather more military capability than its security needs.”

He said, “The transfer of the state-of-the-art system, where the clear intention is to make it capable of carrying nuclear weapons, makes it question the promise made to international suppliers not to deposit nuclear weapons.”

The spokesperson said, “Pakistan, despite its stand against the arms race in South Asia, cannot remain oblivious to these developments, and has its ability to thwart any step of aggression with the wrong intentions.” Is confident of.

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