Pakistan has created a web of maligning India on the pretext of ‘tourism’

Islamabad: Till the neck of debt and helpless people Pakistan There is no hawk by taking new tricks to discredit India. In the recent introduction of nefarious Pakistan, new tricks are being sought to discredit India with a favorite topic Kashmir. In this campaign, Islamabad organized a tour of foreign journalists on the Line of Control on Wednesday.

Imran Khan’s government to foreign media reporters Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) K took a tour of Poonch and Chirikot. This LOC tourism delegation of foreign media journalists was led by media groups like Al Jazeera and CCTV which are already infamous for running anti-India agenda.

Pakistan has tried to show the cost of this gathering of foreign correspondents that India has a hand behind the ceasefire violations and the tension on the border. While the reality is that by July 2020, Pakistan may have never done as many ceasefire as before.

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The Pakistani army is not deterred from targeting Indian villages along the Line of Control. Talking about the latest case, the residential areas were targeted for the third consecutive day. At 11 am on Thursday, Pakistan once again broke the ceasefire so that it could prove itself a victim in front of foreign media through India’s retaliation.

The pages of Pakistani newspapers were colored by the news of praising Pakistan by foreign journalists, who, unknowingly, left no stone unturned in praising the Pakistani army under the guise of their journalistic religion. Apparently, even a few months back, Imran Khan’s government, which roamed around the world in the name of help in the name of help, would have spent a large amount of money, as some time earlier he had made a POK tour to the British Parliamentary Party at his expense. .

British MP Debbie Abraham was prevented from entering India because she did not have a valid visa. Due to which, Debbie left no stone unturned to accuse India of human rights violations in Kashmir in a press conference with the Pakistani Foreign Minister.

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According to reports, Debbie was paid about 38 thousand 500 dollars for this feat, which is about 29 to 31 lakh rupees in Pakistani currency. The funny thing is that the British Parliamentary Party itself had informed about this payment.

These developments indicate that Debbie Abraham and her team took poison against India by taking $ 38,500 from the Government of Pakistan. Earlier in September 2018, the London-based Pakistani High Commission had proposed to visit Islamabad and Kashmir by paying around 14,000 euros to an organization associated with Debbie.

When Debbie Abraham herself has confessed to taking money from Imran’s government, how can she justify this act herself. It is clear that the government of Pakistan is no longer desist from resorting to journalists to discredit India in different ways.


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