Once there was ‘Baazigar’, now Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s actress is doing this work

new Delhi: When Farheen made his 1992 debut with Ronit Roy in ‘Jan Tere Naam’, people started calling him the second Madhuri Dixit due to his looks. Alam happened that he was immediately offered Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Kalingan’ and due to Rajinikanth becoming a heroine, he turned down even Shah Rukh’s opposite ‘Baazigar’. Then he got the movie Akshay Kumar’s opposite ‘Nazar Ke Samte’, everyone was going to confront Madhuri Dixit. them Bollywood Farheen had come to be known as Bindiya in South, but today the same actress is not only running a big herbal business in Delhi along with famous cricketer Manoj Prabhakar, but her family is also handling it.

Married Manoj Prabhakar left his career in love
Actually, she met Manoj Prabhakar 2 years after the release of her first film, Manoj was already married, also had a son named Rohan, but they had a romantic relationship with Farheen. Farheen, arrested in Manoj’s love, left his career and came to Delhi. But Manoj’s first wife Sandhya passed away, she did many cases on Manoj, even the dowry case was put on hold.

Divorce was so expensive
In 2006, there was some agreement between the two, she was a director in three joint companies, she also had shares, she got a full basement of a house in Greater Kailash, a full house in Kalkaji and cash of Rs 15 lakhs from Manoj went. Here, Sandhya also got married second, her husband later died. After 13 years, she again came to the scene, Sandhya lodged an FIR against Manoj-Farheen for occupying a flat on the second floor of the building in which the Manoj and Fahleen lived on the first floor.

Manoj was FIR
Sandhya alleged that the flat belonged to her second husband Lakshmi Chand Pandit, she herself lived there till 2006, then her brother and then a friend of that brother started living there, after 2018 no one was living there, These people used to come sometimes. In October 2019, Sandhya filed an FIR that Farheen and Manoj have taken over the flat by sending goons and now Farheen is asking for Rs 1.5 crore in return. What happened later in this case was not known.

Farheen himself married Manoj’s son Rohan to Sandhya, saying that he too lives in the same house with wife and child. While Farheen’s 2 children also live there, Rahil of 22 years and Manavansh of 17 years. Farheen runs his own herbal company, where does it go that the business of this company has reached crores.

One important thing from the beginning is that Farheen and Manoj have decided to stay away from the media on personal issues, Farheen had been missing for many years immediately after marriage, many years later it is learned that they have also had two children. Even now she keeps distance from the media, due to the match-fixing controversy of Manoj along with Sandhya. But those who have known him since that time, even those who love him, still miss Farheen.

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