Now there is no danger of corona in travel, enjoy air travel by creating ‘private zone’

new Delhi: Coronavirus Private airline companies, which have been suffering losses since the transition, are now launching new schemes to bail themselves out. Go Air (GoAir) Has also announced Go More scheme to attract travelers. In this scheme, a passenger can book multiple seats from the same PNR number and create a private zone.

According to the information, in this scheme, a passenger can book more than one seat or rows of seats. After doing this, these seats will be converted into private zone of that passenger and all those passengers will be able to travel as a group. Earlier Go Air had announced the Quarantine Package Scheme.

In this scheme, passengers can also book rooms in budget or high class hotels in Kochi, Kannur, Bengaluru, Delhi or Ahmedabad through Go Air. Booking of these rooms with excellent facilities starts from Rs. 1400.

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If a passenger has any health related problems and wants to book the neighborhood seat and keep it empty, then he can also get it booked with his PNR number.

Go Air has also started an online doctor consultation scheme for just Rs 99. Under this scheme, MFine has been tied up with the organization. On paying a fee of just Rs 99 in this scheme, about 3 thousand specialist doctors of 500 hospitals across the country can be consulted online.

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