Now Russia gives a big blow to China, prohibits the supply of these missiles

Moscow: China (China) has suffered another setback. Russia has currently banned the supply of surface-to-air S-400 missiles. That is, China will no longer get the necessary missiles from Russia for its S-400 system.

This is a major setback for China amid tensions with India. However, China is not ready to accept this. The Chinese newspaper Sohu, UAWire states that ‘Russia has suspended the supply of missiles for the time being. To some extent we can say that it is in favor of China. Because the delivery of weapons is quite complex ‘.

The paper further states that China would have to send military personnel and technical staff for training, while Russia also had to send a large number of its technical personnel to Beijing to bring the weapons into service, which is a very difficult task in the current era. is. After Russia suspended the supply of missiles, it has been said from China that Russia has to take this decision by force. Because he does not want the Chinese Communist Party engaged in dealing with the Corona virus to divert attention.

A military diplomatic source told Russia’s news agency TASS that China received its first batch of S-400 missiles in 2018. The S-400 air defense missile system is considered to be the most advanced system of its kind in Russia. Which is capable of destroying targets up to a distance of 400 km and a height of 30 km.

Russia has taken this decision at a time when it has recently accused China of espionage. Despite this, there has been a good relationship between the two countries for a long time. According to the TASS, Russian officials found Valerie Mitko, president of the St. Petersburg Arctic Social Sciences Academy, guilty of handing over some intelligence documents to the Chinese. Since then, there has been some tension in both the countries.

(Input: also from ANI)


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