Now man will not get old? Scientists have found such a technique!

new Delhi: Nobody wants to grow old. Being a human is probably the most disappointing. Age brings with it visible physical changes. Bones become weak, the skin hangs, the ability to see begins to decrease, and memory also begins to weaken over time. However, scientists seem to have found a solution to avoid getting old.

Yeast effect
Scientists from University of California, SanDiago (UCSD) have studied to know the effect of ‘aging’ on yeast. Changes can be made easily in yeast cells. They had to ensure through this that whether different cells grow old at different rates and whether they all have the same goal.

Scientists have found that this is not true. They found that cells of almost identical genetic material that grow in the same environment grow in different ways.

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Half of all tested yeast cells were old as the ‘nucleolus’ around their nucleus began to perish. Scientists have reached this extraordinary conclusion only by using computer modeling and other complex techniques.

Whereas, on the other hand, half of the cells grew old because the mitochondria stopped functioning normally. This organ of the cell is known to generate energy. Scientists have found that there are 2 ways for cells to die – nuclear or mitochondrial.

Senior author Nan Hao of this study told CNN, ‘We looked at the molecular processes of each aging route and the connections between them, finding the molecular circuits that control aging cells’.

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A big success!
Scientists changed the entire process by establishing an ‘aging landscape’ and manipulating the aging process. This success has been achieved by altering the DNA of cells.

According to the study, scientists were able to create a ‘unique aging root’ which prolonged the life of cells, understanding these changes can delay the aging process.

This is a great success in the field of medicine.

However, at present, this test has been done on yeast cells. Before testing it on humans, scientists want to do these tests on more complex cells. After that, tests will be done on some organisms.


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