Nightfall in Siliguri floods many areas

In Siliguri, intermittent rains and heavy rains in hilly areas caused flooding in Mahananda and Panch Nai rivers. The water of the river entered the coastal areas, due to which people living here had to face a lot of trouble. Traffic was interrupted as soon as the bridge at Dagapur was reported this morning. The officers started to sweat. The administration also showed helplessness. Similarly, Siliguri Junction, Salangan Matigara, contact bridge with Siliguri has also been damaged due to heavy rains. Water has entered the houses of people living in Salbadi area in Sukna Area. Worst of all was the baby Dangi, near the jingle. This area belongs to Mati Gara Gram Panchayat. The water of Mahananda river has entered into many houses living here. Local residents said that due to lack of road construction, the water of the river enters people’s homes every year.

Most of the households in Shishu Dangi area are sheltered on the upper floors of the house. People here are afraid of snakes and wild animals more than the water of the river. Similarly, in the floods in Bari area, many animals have also been swept away.

People suffering from floods and water shortages in Siliguri or in the enriched areas are also showing anger due to the administration not getting any relief. In the Phulwari area, water of Mahananda has penetrated in many areas. The highest current was seen in Naukaghat today. It is understood that there has been heavy rain in hilly areas. The water of Mahananda is spreading in the low-lying areas in the Porjhar region as well. If the administration does not pay attention to this, the risk of waterborne diseases will increase. . People are also worried. The local administration should help the local people in this period of illness and make appropriate arrangements for drainage and provide relief to the people. It should not happen that the administration keeps on watching and the terror of dengue along with the corona also has to be seen by the people of Siliguri!

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Nightfall in Siliguri floods many areas

Nightfall in Siliguri floods many areas

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