Nigeria’s fashion company completely changed from Corona to war

Abuja: The CoronaVirus epidemic has changed the whole world. People’s habits have changed, the focus of companies has changed. Tiffany Amber, a Nigerian fashion icon, has also stepped into a new role in times of crisis.

Folke Akindele Coker was founded in 1998 by Tiffany Amber and soon the company became one of Nigeria’s most influential fashion and lifestyle brands. But when the Corona epidemic knocked in Africa, Tiffany Amber kept the ‘fashion’ aside, adapting herself to the times, and jumped into the fight against Corona. Personal protective equipment (PPE) are currently being manufactured in all the company’s factories.

The company’s sewing machines are engaged in stitching clothes, gowns, stretcher sheets and non-medical face masks of hospital employees, rather than sewing fashion garments. To make such a change, the company first had to buy 90,000 yards of cloth, 300,000 yards of elastic and about 1 million yards of yarn. Coker said that this was done just before the price rise due to the sealing of the Nigeria borders and the sudden increase in demand for material.

In early June, Tiffany Amber designed about 500,000 cloth masks, 20,000 sets of sheets and pillows, 10,000 scrubs, 15,000 patient gowns and 5,000 surgical gowns. For this, the company had to increase its workforce from 100 to 300. Significantly, there have been more than 30,000 cases of corona virus in Nigeria.


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