News that increases China’s concern! 90 scientists resign in government nuclear institute

Beijing: China A crisis situation has arisen with the resignation of around 90 nuclear scientists at the premier research institute of the country. After this, the ruling Communist Party has ordered an inquiry, calling the case as brain drain. Whatever the reason for the resignation, but now the world wants to know what has happened because of which so many scientists have refused to work.

It is believed that these Chinese scientists got some important information in their hands, after which they decided to resign together. Since then, The Scientist of the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST) located in Hefei city of China has been in the spotlight worldwide.

Hefei Institute of Physical Science is part of China’s highest government research institute known as the Chinese Academy of Science. INEST is one of the important institutes in China that has participated in more than 200 national and international projects so far. Around 600 people work here, of which 80 per cent of researchers are PhD (degree) holders. Last year, the same institute was in discussion to build a virtual nuclear power plant, which was intended to make the security system of such centers more effective.

After this, these talented people got important information related to their institute. In June, people working at INEST had a dispute with their own parenting institution. According to reports, a fight started over the right to control their center.

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According to sources, INEST was not able to get large projects due to lack of funds, while private companies were also eyeing the researchers. China’s Vice Premier ‘Liu He’ has ordered an inquiry into the extensive resignations.

The seriousness of the case can be gauged from the fact that 90 out of 500 people have resigned and last year the figure was 200, so now it is being speculated that now this institute rests on the shoulders of only 100 researchers.

This research institute of China is connected to many government universities and research institutes, where it is not easy to work amidst many challenges. Actually, it is directly under the control of the Communist Party of Beijing.

The jobs of government institutions promise stability and better facilities, but when there is no free hand in the work and lack of facilities constantly increases the pressure and neglect, then only such talented people have to go towards the private sector. Interest of intellectual property there is continuously decreasing from China’s government institutions, that is, such an exodus of talent is no less than a big alarm bell for China.


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