New education policy will fulfill the vision of new India Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Apna Siliguri

new Delhi: The Modi Cabinet has approved the New Education Policy 2020. Education policy has been changed after 34 years. Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank (Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank) had a special conversation with Zee News about the new education policy. Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal said that the new education policy is going to bring about radical changes in the education system so far. It will strengthen basic education, along with mental education, will increase the child. This will prepare the child for world class competition.

360 degree holistic evaluation
The Union Education Minister said that we have put more emphasis on numerology. Scientists are of the opinion that between 3 and 6 years of age, 85% of children develop brain. That is why we have finished the system of 10 + 20. Provision of 360 degree holistic evaluation is kept. Our goal is to connect 100% children to the education system by 12th.

He said, ‘The new education policy will fulfill the vision of a new India. That is why we have made provision for vocational education from class 6. Provided internship so that when the child comes out after 12th, he will be completely skilled. Now there is a provision of credit bank in higher education. There will be DG Locker for the students in which all his degrees will be present. ‘

Commission for Higher Education
Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal said, ‘I think that the education for which children used to go abroad can now be found only in the country. We have created a commission for higher education (Higher Education Commission) under which UGC, AICTE and NCT will be brought under one banner. We have started some things about the new education policy like online education, a committee will be formed for the rest of the new curriculum. NCF will be formed and its work will start.

More than one and a half lakh village committees got suggestions
The Union Education Minister said that I would like to tell those who have doubts, our Prime Minister shows what he says. This is Modi ji’s government. They say that plan is made later and tell them first how the implementation will be done. Ministry of Human Resources which will now be known as Ministry of Education. We have changed not only the name but also the policy. Those who are raising questions about this policy, I would like to tell them that till now there has not been such a big consultation to make any policy in the world, as it has been for it. This policy is not made by sitting in a room. The suggestions of more than one and a half lakh village committees came.

Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal said, ‘Teachers, students, parents, MPs, MLAs and even village representatives were consulted. Even after that, we put this education policy in the public domain. Suggestions from a quarter of a million people came. All these suggestions were incorporated by creating 2 secretariats. The nectar that came out of this whole churn is the new education policy.

He said, ‘I did not understand that people stop coming to the same place. It was suggested by the people that elementary education should be in the mother tongue, should be in their regional language. There are 22 languages ​​in this country. This was also the demand of the states. Which state can be opposed that the children of that state should be in the local language.

Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal said, ‘Earlier it used to be that there would be no board from 1 to 10. Pass it to everyone. Then it came to see that many children of 10th class do not have knowledge of numbers, cannot read and cannot write. Children were carried forward without evaluation. Who will have the responsibility to fix it? The child cannot go back. It has been discussed in Parliament. People who have not read the copy of education policy have started opposing it.

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New education policy will fulfill the vision of new India Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Apna Siliguri

New education policy will fulfill the vision of new India Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Apna Siliguri

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