Nagaur: Agricultural scientist told this measure regarding pest control in crops, said…

Hanuman Tanwar / Nagaur: The monsoon season is going on, but this time Rajasthan In the monsoon came late and it has rained irregularly. However, farmers have sown the crops to be grown during the rainy season. How to remove the insects coming in the crop these days, what measures should be taken so that the crops can be saved from insects. Agricultural scientists have given their opinion about this.

In fact, these days millet, moth, moong, groundnut, cow and sesame crops have been sown in the monsoon rains and farmers have started weeding hoe in the crops. But these days, outbreaks of pests are being seen in crops. Because of this, crops are licked by pests only at the time of weeding.

Due to this, farmers are facing big losses. Regarding this, agricultural scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr. Mamta Chaudhary, who is working on pest control, said that, these days there is an outbreak of white braided and black root in peanuts, to control this, farmers in the fields to control trees Spray the medicine by applying trap to control the kit.

Along with this, an outbreak of escalating clashes is being seen in Bajra these days. At the same time, moong and moth have bacteria and black roots, if farmers take care of crops and spray the marked medicines on time, then control of keto can be done easily. If Keto is not controlled in time, then it becomes difficult to control with medicines.


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