Mother Dairy launches new products on festivals, will get rid of adulteration

New Delhi Mother Dairy has also entered the sweets segment due to the difficulties faced by people in getting pure sweets during the festivals falling between the Corona period. The National Dairy Development Board, a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board, has currently started making and selling traditional sweets made from milk in Delhi NCR. At present, only six sweets have been introduced in this range.

Mother Dairy will make and sell these sweets
The sweets that Mother Dairy is introducing in the market include milk cake, orange mawa barfi, frozen rasmalai, gulab jamun and rasgulla. Their delivery will be at the company’s outlets and e-commerce platforms.

Emphasis on contactless preparation and packing
Mother Dairy has said that in the Corona era, she is putting all her emphasis on contactless preparation and packing, so that customers get pure pure sweets. Mother Dairy says that their sweets are being prepared with utmost safety and are being packed and transported to customers in a contactless manner.

All sweets will be available here
Mother Dairy’s general outlets spread across Delhi NCR will be available on Amazon, Milk Basket, Big Basket etc. Sangram Chaudhary, Managing Director of Mother Dairy, says that sweets and festivals have an unbreakable relationship, but security is a major issue in this environment. Therefore, there is a doubt in the minds of people about pre-food and its packing. This is also bound to happen. Mother Dairy has prepared these sweets keeping all these in mind.

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