Mo. Rafi death anniversary ​​when mo Guinness Book was caught in Rafi and Lataji controversy

new Delhi: There have been many such incidents, when Lata Mangeshkar became angry with her colleagues for some reason and then when she got angry, it used to take years to remove the resentment. Once their Mohammad rafi It deteriorated so much that the three years did not sing together.

Lata and Rafi pair did not know how many superhit songs became the voice. But there was a time when both of them stopped singing together, for the whole three years both of them did not appear in a studio. Lata ji with Mahendra Kapoor and Rafi continued to sing with Suman Kalyanpuri.

What happened?
Actually the controversy after which the two stopped singing together. In this, people supported Lataji, because what Lataji had said was also a matter of the minds of other singers. All the singers wanted that apart from the fees of the songs, they also got royalty, Lata ji was the biggest advocate of this demand. But Rafi was not with him in this matter, he felt that there is no need to put extra load on the producers, he said that when the singers do not share the loss of the producer, then why share the profits.

Anyway, Lata or Rafi used to get the most money in those days, it was difficult for other singers. People also said that since Rafi had also joined the distribution business of Hindi films in South, he did not have the trouble of money and he does not want to spoil the relationship with the producers. So Rafi did not support Lata. Although many people also defend Rafi’s decision, he said Rafi was a sincere man. In such a situation, while recording the song ‘Tumhari Nahin Kafa Ho Gaya …’ from the film ‘Do Kaliyan’, at one stage, there was some debate that instead of sparing the two, they stopped talking, working together. gave.

What was the case of Guinness Book
Here again a dispute arose between the two when the Guinness book also came up in the Lata-Rafi controversy, the management of the Guinness book got stuck in the middle, after all, who should favor the two great singers. Actually, the Guinness Book recorded the highest number of songs in Lataji’s name, Rafi Sahab wrote a letter to the Guinness Book Management, the Guinness Book later disappeared in its new version when the case started to heat up . Then the musician Jaikishan explained to both of them and both agreed to work together.
However, later both of them finished these tactics and kept singing together till the end. Just five days before his death in 1980, Mohammed Rafi recorded his last song for the film ‘Aas Pass’ with Lata Mangeshkar, his lyrics were ‘Shahar ke chaat hai, duniya hai …’

The turning point in the story came after fifty years when Lataji said in an interview that Rafi had also regretted writing, then she agreed to work together. This infuriated Rafi’s son Shahid Rafi and called a conference in 2012 and he openly challenged Lata Mangeshkar and said – if my father has written such a letter, let Lataji show me, I will apologize to him. But Lata thought it better to stay calm after the controversy erupted. So this issue had become very big in those days, Rafi’s sons are still angry with Lataji

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Mo. Rafi death anniversary ​​when mo Guinness Book was caught in Rafi and Lataji controversy

Mo. Rafi death anniversary ​​when mo Guinness Book was caught in Rafi and Lataji controversy

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