Maruti will expand CNG portfolio, take big decision on small BS6 diesel engine

New Delhi The country’s largest car company Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) has no intention of developing a diesel engine with India Phase-6 standard for small cars. The company believes that such cars are not economically viable. A company official said that now the market is gradually shifting towards petrol models. There is no diesel model in the vehicles offered before Maruti. The company now intends to expand its CNG portfolio.

MSI Executive Director Sales and Marketing Shashank Srivastava said, “There is no rationale for developing a small diesel engine. It has fallen to less than five per cent in the hatchback. Sedans and entry-level SUVs have also fallen significantly. Economics now It does not support it. “However, the automobile major may go ahead to consider larger BS-6 engines if there is sufficient demand for diesel-based SUVs and sedans.” However, many consumers like that There are those who do not see the economics to drive cars and they can still buy diesel cars. That is why the company has said that it has a close eye on the market.

BS6 diesel engine can be made for big vehicles
He said that if there are enough people in that category then we can consider developing a bigger BS-6 diesel engine. Srivastava said that the company has not taken any decision on it yet. On the expansion of CNG portfolio, Srivastava said that the company has a target of selling 1.4 to 1.5 lakh CNG vehicles in the current financial year. In 2019-20, the company sold 1.07 lakh CNG vehicles.

The company has set an ambitious target of selling 1 million cars equipped with CNG technology in the next few years. Srivastava said that CNG cars are cheaper as compared to diesel cars. Apart from this, it is also cheaper to drive CNG cars. The CNG portfolio registered a growth of seven per cent in the last financial year. At the same time, the total passenger vehicle industry declined by 18 percent.

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