Mann ki Baat: PM Modi said – resolve to make India self-reliant on Independence Day

new Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) Today at 11 o’clockmind matterAddressed the country through the program. PM Modi said in his mind that today is a very special day. Today is Kargil Victory Day. 21 years ago today, our army waved the flag of India’s victory in Kargil. India can never forget the circumstances under which Kargil war took place. PM Modi along with the immortal martyrs also paid tribute to the brave mothers.

PM Modi said, “In Pakistan, he had a great deal of courage to grab India’s land and divert attention from the internal strife that was going on here. Strived for good relations with India and Pakistan. The wicked also have a nature , Enmity against everyone without any reason, people of such nature also think the loss of their interest. So in response to India’s friendship, Pakistan tried to stab it in the back, but after that the heroic army of India The whole world saw the courage shown by him. ”

PM Modi further said, “The victory was not the height of the mountains or the high spirits of India’s heroes. Tell each other about the valor of the martyrs who told each other about the love of brave mothers. I appeal to the people of the country. I do. What Atal ji said from Delhi during the Kargil War is relevant to us even today. Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra was that if someone has a dilemma, what to do or not to do, he must be India’s poorest and helpless. One should think about the person. What he is going to do. It will or will not benefit the person. At the same time, going beyond the idea of ​​Gandhiji, Atal ji said that Kargil war has given us another mantra. This mantra Before taking any important decision, let us think whether this step is in accordance with the honor of the soldier who sacrificed his life in those inaccessible hills. ”


The danger of corona was not averted
PM Modi warned against the danger of Corona. He said, “Today the recovery of corona in our country is better than other countries as well as the death rate in our country is also lower than abroad. We need to be very vigilant with Carona. Putting a mask on the face or using a spoon Wash your hands at a distance of two yards, do not spit anywhere. Cleanliness is the only focus of our weapons. Whenever you feel like removing masks, remember the Corona virus of those doctors, they are wearing masks for hours. ”

Time to turn disaster into opportunity
PM Modi once again reiterated that this is the right time to convert the disaster of Corona crisis into opportunity. He talked about promoting local products. PM Modi said, “In the North East, artisans have made eco-friendly bottles and utensils made of bamboo. This is an example for all of us. The business is being increased in Jharkhand by cultivating lemon grass. Solar panels are being used to boost yields. With this, dryness is being dried and sent to other parts. ”


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