Madhya Pradesh government selling immunity booster clothes during Corona period, effective against infection

Bhopal: In the Corona transition period, when people have become very aware of immunity, then how can they be left behind in terms of out fit. The Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation of Madhya Pradesh government has designed clothes with herbal treatment, which boost immunity and protect against the risk of corona infection on the skin. Wearing this medicinal garment creates a protective shield around it, which also smells of the aroma of the Indian spices and removes the risk of infection.

MD of Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation and Commissioner of the department, Rajiv Sharma said that in Ayurveda, these clothes have been called Ayurveda. These garments are made using ancient herbs and traditional spices. These spices and herbs are used, which are called immunity boosters. Madhya Pradesh’s name can be famous not only in the country but also abroad. A lot of interest is being seen in the people regarding these clothes.

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Vinod Malewar, working to promote handicrafts, has taken up the responsibility of preparing these ayurvedas. Malewar explains that these garments are prepared through trained painters. Some special spices are used for this, which are used as immunity boosters. Items like mace, nutmeg, chakraful, large cardamom, small cardamom, cloves, royal cumin and turmeric are used in these. They are also mentioned in the Yajurveda.

These spices are brewed in a heat. The prepared powder of spices is kept in hot water for 48 hours. Then evaporation is done in the furnace. Before this, the cloth is specially wrapped in folds. This entire process takes four to five days. After this, ayurveda or medicinal cloth is prepared.

Malevar said that these fabrics smell fragrant. If the detergent is not used to wash them, then for four to five washings, these herbs have effect in the clothes. Vinod Malewar, who has been dyeing clothes for generations, says that ayurveda can prove to be very effective in the Corona era.



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