Know the names of 5 species of fly named after Marvel superheroes

Sydney: Australia Scientists on Wednesday told that they have named the scientific names of 5 species of flies after the superheroes, paying tribute to Marvel Comics. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) reported in a report that these 5 species of fly are part of 165 discoveries that have been named by scientists last year. It includes 2 fishes, 3 subspecies of sparrows, a small worm that lives on the lizard is also included in it.

Entomologist Dr. Brian Lesard said, ‘The first step in naming a species of an organism is to understand that species. Without a scientific name, these species are invisible to science.

According to CSIRO, ‘The comic legend’s style of styling and white mustache are similar to this fly behind the naming of the fly named Stanley, while the Deadpool fly’s back marks are exactly like his red and black masks. ‘

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Speaking of the Deadpool fly, Brian Lesard said, ‘We chose the name Humorolethalis sergius, which sounds exactly like Lethal Humer and derives from the Latin word humorosus, which means wet or moist, and Lethalis means dead. Happened.’

According to CSIRO, ‘All five flies are invasive types of flies, they are killers for the world of insects’. While two flies are named after superhero Deadpool and superhero creator Stanley, the remaining 3 flies are named after Marvel characters Loki and Black Widow.

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CSIRO’s bee and wasp expert Dr. Junetta Rodriguez says, “The naming of the new species is fun but it also acts like a life force to save human life and these species. We discovered a new species of wasp, Spider Wasp, it is found only in one area which was badly affected by the Bush Fire in summer, now we are carefully monitoring its recovery.

He further said, ‘The poison in the spider wasp can be used to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.’


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