Kashmiri saffron gets GI tag certificate, producers will get big benefit

New Delhi It has been decided to issue a certificate of GI (Global Identification) tag to the famous Kashmiri saffron worldwide. Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu has said that with the certification of saffron produced in the valley, it is the first major step towards making identification on the world map.

Bar coding will not cause adulteration
Now Kashmiri saffron can be sold only after bar coding. On one hand, the saffron growers of Jammu and Kashmir will be benefited in a big way, while the frauds in the name of Kashmiri saffron will be curbed all over the world. Kashmiri Saffron has got GI-635 tag. Directorate of Agriculture, Kashmir has been declared the registered owner of saffron GIs coming in class-30.

This is how bar coding will be
For bar coding of GI tag of Kashmiri Saffron, lab testing will now be done in Pampore. Any farmer in Jammu and Kashmir can test saffron crop in the lab. After the quality check, every producer will get a special bar code which will include the complete details of the producer and the quality of his product.

Altaf Ejaz Andrabi, director of the Kashmir Agriculture Department, said that efforts were on for the last three decades to get the GI tag of Kashmiri saffron. Getting a saffron GI tag is like a dream come true. The biggest advantage of this will be that Kashmir saffron will get a good price in the international market as the yield of a particular place. Now adulteration and other areas sold in the name of Kashmiri saffron will be curbed.

Exports will increase
With GI tag, saffron of Kashmir will get more prominence in the export market and farmers will get good price. The Lieutenant Governor said that with the inauguration of Kala Spice Park next month, the move will prove to be a game changer for Kashmiri Saffron.

Iran, Spain also do not have GI tag
Saffron is cultivated in many countries around the world. These include countries like Iran, Spain, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Greece, but no country has got GI tag of saffron. The main reason behind this is the quality of Kashmiri saffron.

GI certification refers to the specific geographic output and certifies certain properties of the product. GI certification will also prevent adulteration in saffron in Kashmir and will get good prices in the market of certified saffron.

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