Kangana accuses Aditya Chopra, saying – ‘Threatened for rejecting film’

new Delhi: Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput 1 month has passed since his death. Since his death, the issue of Nepotism has been hot in Bollywood. Many actors and actresses have put their stamp on nepotism spread in Bollywood by narrating their own experiences. In a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut has revived the issue by making a new disclosure.

Said ‘Sultan’
The proposal for the film ‘Sultan’ (Sultan), which set the record of success at the Hobox office, had previously gone to Kangana Ranaut. However, Kangana refused to do that film for some reason. The film had Salman Khan in the lead role and after Kangana refused, ‘Sultan’ went to Anushka Sharma’s bag. After so many years of the film’s release, Kangana has done some things of that time, knowing that there is a stir in the Bollywood world. If the allegations made by them prove to be true, then the Aditya Chopra camp may have to face trouble.

Aditya Chopra threatened
Our partner website Bollywoodlife According to the news appeared in, Aditya Chopra went to Bokhla after Kangana Ranaut refused to work in the ‘Sultan’. She herself went to meet Aditya Chopra to express her inability to work in the film and to say sorry for it and at that time she did not have any problem with this. The next day it was published in the newspaper that Kangana has not told the ‘Sultan’. Aditya Chopra’s anger reached the seventh sky as soon as he read it. He wrote in a message to Kangana – ‘How dare you? You will not call me .. Now your career is over (You are finished).

Aditya Chopra in the circle of questions
The reason behind the death of Sushant Singh Rajput is under investigation. Many such aspects have also come to light in which Aditya Chopra’s name is being taken. In such a situation, this statement of Kangana Ranaut can be broken on Aditya Chopra by becoming a mountain of difficulties.

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