Jharkhand: Mosquito was being driven away by burning egg tray, the entire Godown was burnt

Peg: Jharkhand Case of fire in mosquito repellent by burning egg tray in peg has come to light. During this time, the entire Godown is burnt. The incident is about the tap police station of Peg. In the incident of this arson, more than one lakh rupees belongings of the victim have been damaged.

Let me tell you that earlier on Sunday, a case of fire broke out in a house in Bokaro, Jharkhand, in an attempt to eradicate mosquitoes. The fire was so fierce that, quite a lot kept in the house has turned to ashes. After the incident, the victim’s family had to spend the night outside.

In fact, a sudden fire broke out in the tile house of farmer Chaman Mahato in the village of Hurlung, settled in the foothills of the extremist-affected Jhumra mountain in Chatrochhatti police station area. After this, despite the efforts of family and neighbors to extinguish the fire, the items kept in the house were burnt to ashes on sight. The fire was so fierce that, inside the house, everything like rice, rice, wood kept in the cell was burnt and nothing left.

The locals and the Panchayat representative said that, the women of the house returned by grazing cattle had set fire inside the house to smoke mosquitoes, which caught the tile house and kept all the items in the house. done.


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