Jharkhand: Congress rages against power department, said officials …

Ranchi: Jharkhand Against the mishap caused by the power department’s negligence in various districts of the state, including the capital of Ranchi, the state Congress, along with registering an FIR against the guilty officers, was used to soak the faces of such officers and put them under house arrest. Has announced.

State Congress spokesperson Lal Kishorenath Shahdev said that, in the last 19 years, the inaction of the electricity department is not hidden from anyone. Due to the destruction of common people, these people have increased their minds.

He said that due to the negligence of the electricity department, on Saturday, Gopi Dubey, younger brother of the spokesperson of the state congress committee, is struggling with life and death due to the current, on the other hand, the company called KEI engaged in the work of electricity department and electrification. Everyone is shocked by the wrong rhetoric being done from the side.

He said that till these officers do not get punishment and will not be afraid, they are not going to improve. At the same time, State Congress Committee spokesman Rajesh Gupta ‘Chhotu’ said that, the primary named will be registered against the officials involved in the incident and the officials responsible for the company involved in the electrification work.

Rajesh Gupta told that, in this case, the Executive Director of Jharkhand State Electricity Department K.K. Nominated FIRs will be registered and direct action will be taken against Verma, General Manager Sanjay Kumar, Superintendent Electrical Engineer Prabhat Srivastava, Executive Electrical Engineer Shambhunath Chaudhary, Assistant Power Engineer Virendra Kumar, Pawan Nandi of KEI Company, Rahul Mishra and their other associates.

He said that these officers will not be spared. At the same time, State Congress Committee spokesperson Amulya Neeraj Khalkho said that along with the legal battle against the guilty officers of the electricity department, action will be taken to soot and arrest the faces of such officers.

Here, Rajesh Sinha Sunny, National Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress said that, it is not possible to estimate the loss of life and property due to the negligence of the electricity department during the last 19 years. The time has come for direct action against such officers.


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