Jabalpur: FIR registered against the authority officials by showing fake appointment letter of the chairman

Jabalpur: The Omati Police Station of Jabalpur has registered a case of fraud against the fraudster who claims to be a Minister of State. On February 22, 2020, accused Abdul Mahmood Rangrej, presenting himself as the chairman of the Jabalpur Development Authority, handed over the fake appointment letters to the Madhya Pradesh government. After suspicion, a complaint was lodged against him by the authorities of the authority, after which this action has been taken.

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TI Shiv Pratap Singh Baghel of Omati police station in Jabalpur said that Abdul Mehmood, an accused who had pressurized the Jabalpur Development Authority by showing a fake appointment order, has been found guilty of cheating. Therefore, further investigation is being done against him by registering offense under sections 420, 467, 468, 477 of IPC. However, Abdul has not been arrested yet. But raids are being conducted in many places in search of him.

Know what is the whole matter?
Actually, Abdul Mahmood Rangrej, resident of Sarafa Road Phuta Tal in Jabalpur, had pressurized the officers by showing fake appointment order letter in Jabalpur Development Authority. When in doubt, the authority officials wrote a letter to the state government seeking information about the accused. After this, on 29 June, the government responded and called his appointment as fake, after which a complaint was lodged against him at Omti police station.

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Questions are also being raised on administration
Questions are also being raised on the state government and administration regarding the fake appointment of Abdul Mahmood Rangrej, that when the authorities of the authority were suspicious, when did they write the letter? If the government received the letter only after 22 February, then why did it take 4 months to reply? Did the authority officials and the people of the state administration remain inactive in such a big fraud case?

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