Is the lockdown in Siliguri the only solution for the corona Apna Siliguri

Nowadays, a lockdown is being established in the whole country, a tradition of Corona Bhagao is being established. The government considers it successful. Why only talk about Bengal, many small and big states including Bihar, Assam, Tripura, UP are continuing this tradition. The central government had adopted the tradition of lockdown from abroad and imposed a lockdown in the country for the entire 2 months. As long as the lockdown was in place, the corona remained in control. But as soon as the lockdown was removed, the infection started spreading rapidly.

It is true that the corona can be controlled by lockdown. Here it is necessary to understand what the lock down means. Why does any government or administration impose lock down? If we talk about Corona then the lockdown is imposed so that people do not get out of their house. If people do not get out of the house then there will not be contact with each other, that is, social distancing is the main purpose of lock down and this is also the protection from corona. It is not necessary to impose lockdown for social distancing. Because applying lockdown is a financial and samajik loss. This has an impact on the general public as well as the government’s fiscal deficit. With the closure of shops, establishments, government and non-government services, it directly affects the livelihood of the people. That is, the loss is more than the lockdown. But it is also true that in order to defeat an epidemic like Corona, it is necessary to follow the rules of social distancing and health department.

We need to understand that developed countries understand the losses of lockdown. Therefore, they do not insist on it much. Developed countries follow masks, social distancing and corona regulations to prevent corona. Lock-down is done in some areas only when there is a lot of need. At the same time, when developing countries put a lockdown at the national level, then how much the country will suffer. It is difficult to imagine. If we consider the purpose of lock down, then social distancing can be kept without lock down. For this, the administration will have to be agile and fit. Along with this, there is a need to bring awareness among the people on a wide scale.

Now let’s talk a little about the issue of whether the corona is coming under control from the lockdown? The states of the country in which the lockdown has been imposed, new records of Corona are being made daily in those states. The lock down is going on in the northeastern states including Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh. But there are no fewer cases of coronavirus. On the other hand, we also need to pay attention to Delhi. There is no lockdown in Delhi but the coronavirus is under control there. How did this miracle happen in the Delhi metropolis with a population of more than 7 crores? In fact, there is more and more corona testing behind it and the emphasis is on following corona rules. For example, the rules of quarantine, home isolation, plasma bank, awareness, mask etc. have been tightened there and that is why there are good results. In all the states of the country where this method is being adopted, the corona has come under control.

Now we talk about our city Siliguri. A lock-down is going on in Siliguri. But the Corona cases are coming up at a rapid pace. To overcome the corona in Siliguri, which is needed more at this time i.e. to increase the testing process more and more, strictly follow the rules of social distancing, etc., it is not happening, but the lockdown must be increased. Used to be.

Now even the mountain has taken this tradition of lock down. The GTA chairman has announced that a lockdown of 7 days will be imposed in the mountain. The only lockdown is the only way to gain control of Corona cases before the administration. Stop all work and stay quietly at home. Now if man stays in the house then how will food and other needs be fulfilled. But no one has the answer for this, now you decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

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Is the lockdown in Siliguri the only solution for the corona Apna Siliguri

Is the lockdown in Siliguri the only solution for the corona Apna Siliguri

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